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Liv Warfield at The Jazz Cafe: Gig Review

London was treated this weekend to an evening with Liv Warfield and her band at the Jazz Cafe, as expected PPUK attended to give you the lowdown on the performance!

The word ‘Unexpected’ has become synonymous with Liv Warfield and she always manages to be just that, no matter how high you set expectations. For those that attended her last UK tour at the Pizza Express venues, you may think you know what to expect from the singer. Powerful, emotive vocals and a positive light that ignites an audience. She was all that, plus the ‘unexpected’. The set list alone gives you an insight into the vibe of the evening. It included fan favourites such as Embrace Me, Don’t Say Much, Why Do You Lie, and The Unexpected plus the added tributes to Prince sprinkled throughout.

The tributes left even the hardcore purple army in a funky form of shock when the band jammed with the track Six from the Madhouse 8 album. As a younger Prince fan it was a treat to hear this music played live.

In comparison to her last UK tour the show had a completely new vibe. Rock. This was Rock Soul at its best. If is wasn’t for Liv taking us on her journey on tour via social media, I would never have guessed she had next to no sleep in days! The raw untamed energy was a constant force that fed the audience throughout the show. It was the perfect visualisation of her new live album Live at Cafe Wha? (read our review here)

The band were on point and as a total music lover I really appreciated Liv giving them the time and space on stage to flourish. We were treated to a few band jams that gave a new dynamic to the setlist.

My personal highlights were Why Do You Lie into Get Wild (yes that happened!) and an impromptu moment where Liv came into the audience with us to groove to Embrace Me.

As a fan I am really enjoying hearing the changes in Liv’s style of performance and watching her explore genres with each tour.

The question is, what do we expect from the next tour?…The unexpected of course!

Liv Warfield Jazz Cafe Flyer Artwork designed by Prince Party UK

Listen to our PPUK Podcast Interview with Liv Warfield back in January 2022

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Words by Leah Daleah

Photos by Leah Daleah

Twitter - leah_daleah

Instagram - leah_daleah

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Special Thanks to The Jazz Cafe


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