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Live Loud in Colour: The Urban Decay Prince Collection

Prince has an undeniable iconic image, brought together over the years by clothing, instruments, hair, and most relevant this month, makeup! May 6th saw the announcement of the ‘Urban Decay Live Loud in Colour Prince Collection’. The first package ‘The Vault Collection’ becomes available for pre-order on loyalty accounts May 21st, and then goes to general sale May 27th.

The package includes:

Two full size ten pan eyeshadow palettes appropriately named ‘U Got The Look’ and ‘Let’s Go Crazy’.

One black eyeliner

One white eyeliner

One gold tone liquid Highlighter

One All Nighter Translucent Setting Powder Compact

One Multi Tasker makeup brush

All encased in beautifully designed display box that is available in purple or black.

Urban Decay have promoted this set by focusing on the ‘meticulous attention to detail’. Throughout the designing and promotion of this product there has been key players from the ‘Prince camp’ involved, this includes Damaris Lewis as the face of the campaign, a model who acted as a muse and performed with Prince. The artwork featured on the inside of the package is the work of none other than Martin Homent who is best known for the artwork on Princes last two albums. We also have Trevor Guy (the Creative Director of The Prince Estate) acting as Creative Director, and finally Randee St.Nicholas as photographer and directer on the promo materials.

For many Prince fans this is the first time they have heard of Urban Decay, so for those that are unfamiliar let's take and little look at the brand.

Urban Decay have been around since the mid 1990's and were born out of a lack of colour range available on the market at the time, they have since become the most popular eyeshadow brand in the US. They have a strong ethical edge to their company ensuring their products are vegan and cruelty free and have designed collections to support women’s rights. Their limited collections have become extremely popular, the perfect example being the Alice in Wonderland collection, released to coincide with the 2010 movie, this collection sold out in two hours and sold on eBay for over $500 (it’s retail price was $52). Could this collection sell out as fast?

Many have voiced their opinions about the collection and fans seem to be very divided, but for those that would like to invest in the collection the rumoured price is $250 (£177 for those in the UK). There are discounts available such as 15% off when you sign up to their newsletter and 10% off with student discount. For those that do not want to invest in the full collection there will be individual products available for purchase later in the year. So that just leaves one last question, will you be buying the limited ‘Live Loud in Colour Prince Collection’?

Listen to the PPUK Podcast where Lee speaks to Leah about the Live Loud in Colour: The Urban Decay Prince Collection.

Leah Daleah's Unboxing Video of Urban Decay Prince Collection Vault Set

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