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PPUK Podcast - Episode 16 - Liv Warfield Interview

PPUK Podcast members Leah and Lee interview the incredibly talented enigma that is Liv Warfield. Tune in to hear us talk about all of the exciting projects she has been working on, including shows in London, a new tour, theatre, and her two new releases coming soon! We also reflect on her time with Prince and on past live performances with the man himself.

Catch Liv Warfield at one of her upcoming shows!

15th January 2022 - New York Apollo Cafe - Apollo Theater

11th March 2022 - Sweden Fashing

12th March 2022 - Norway Cosmopolite

17th March - Paris New Morning

19th March London Jazz Cafe

Grab yourself a Liv whiskey glass ready for ‘Whiskey Wednesdays’ live on Liv’s Instagram here!

Want to hear Liv’s work with Joon Moon? Grab your copy here

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