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'The Beautiful Collection' Prince's Custom Shoes

Over 300 pairs of Prince's ankle boots, platform sneakers and roller skates will display at Paisley Park today.

A new exhibition will pay tribute to the legend's unrivalled personal style, with a specific focus on his outrageous shoe game. See the incredible footwear below.

Paisley Park is where this amazing exhibition will take place and it opens today. Titled The Beautiful Collection: Prince’s Custom Shoes, the retrospective features more than 300 pairs of the musician’s shoes (and roller skates), many of which were custom-made for music videos or live performances.

Some of the highlights include Versace heels designed and gifted by Donatella herself; blue ankle boots hand-painted with white clouds that he wore in the “Raspberry Beret” music video; gem-studded heels from his induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; and a blue, green, and gold pair marking his “Purple Rain” performance at the 1985 American Music Awards.

"Prince continuously pushed the boundaries of fashion, music, and culture in general,” said Mitch Maguire, Paisley Park Managing Director and The Beautiful Collection Curator, in a statement. “His expansive, incredible shoe collection is just one example of his artistic expression, personality, and lasting impact on fashion. When guests visit this exhibition, they will be immersed in the drama, taste, and complexity of Prince while also revealing some of the collaborators who worked so closely to bring his vision to life.”

The Beautiful Collection: Prince’s Custom Shoes opens today and closes on September 6. Tickets are now available to purchase on Paisley Park’s webstore.


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