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Sign “O” the Times Reissues

by Rosalina (@peacockpursuits)

The Prince Estate announced the remastered and expanded re-issue of Sign “O” the Times will be released September 25, 2020. In partnership with Warner Records, Sign “O” the Times will also be available through digital and streaming partners. The Super Deluxe edition will include 63 previously unreleased tracks as well as a previously unrelease 2+ hour video concert from Prince’s legendary vault.

Formats include:

Super Deluxe Edition (8CD + DVD - $159.98 / 13LP + DVD - $299.98 / audio only download and streaming. The Super Deluxe Edition will include a 120-page hardcover book containing Prince’s previously unseen handwritten lyrics for many of the songs of from the era (UK Prices and links bottom of this article)

Deluxe Edition (3CD - $29.98/4LP 180g vinyl - $79.98/ download and streaming) (UK Prices and links bottom of this article)

Remastered album (2CD - $16.98/ 2LP 180g peach vinyl - $24.98/ download and streaming) (UK Prices and links bottom of this article)

Sign O’ the Times Limited Edition 7” Vinyl Singles Box Set (Sold Out) Limited to 1989. The 7” Vinyl Singles Box is reminiscent of previous excusive but limited sales behind the counter at “Electric Fetus” offered during Celebration in Minneapolis.

All details above are credited to the Prince Estate press release dated 25 June 2020.

Further Details according to Amazon:


· LP1-2: Sign O’ The Times album (2020 Remaster)

· LP3-4: 13x single mixes and edits, all newly remastered

· LP5-10: 45x previously unreleased studio recordings from Prince’s Vault

· LP11-13: 18x live tracks, comprising a complete previously unreleased concert performance recorded in Utrecht, Netherlands, on June 20, 1987

· DVD: 23x tracks, comprising a complete previously unreleased concert performance recorded at Paisley Park, Chanhassen, on December 31st, 1987

Other info:

· The Super Deluxe Edition contains 92 audio tracks, of which 63 are previously unreleased, including 45 studio tracks from Prince’s legendary Vault.

· The Super Deluxe Edition opens with Prince’s iconic album, Sign O’ The Times, dazzlingly remastered for the very first time by Prince’s original mastering engineer Bernie Grundman.

· The set also includes an entire previously unreleased audio recording of Prince’s Sign O’ The Times tour performance in Utrecht, Netherlands, on June 20, 1987

· The DVD features a complete previously unreleased recording of Prince’s benefit performance at Paisley Park, December 31st, 1987. The show includes Prince’s only on-stage collaboration with Miles Davis.

· Housed in a 12” box, and accompanied by a 12” 120-page hardback book featuring:

· Brand new liner notes by: Prince’s creative peers and friends Dave Chappelle (in conversation with photographer Mathieu Bitton) and Lenny Kravitz; Prince’s longtime engineer Susan Rogers; Daphne A. Brooks, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of African American Studies, American Studies and Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies at Yale University; Minneapolis radio host and author Andrea Swensson, host of the Official Prince Podcast; and Prince scholar Duane Tudahl.

· Rare and previously unseen photography by Jeff Katz

· Prince’s handwritten lyrics

After the announcement from Prince Estate, the song “Witness 4 the Prosecution” was made available on YouTube to whet fan’s appetites.

I really love the feel of these box set Super Deluxe releases. There is a sense you are holding a complete well-rounded masterpiece. From seeing the handwritten lyrics, learning previously unreleased alternative verses, and hearing different instruments than the official releases…it is a bittersweet realization that he’s no longer with us except within the music. I’m also so glad the estate heard our plea for a peach vinyl release.

Here are other PPUK fan reactions about the Sign “O” the Times release:

Leah Ratcliffe, a PPUK member from Birmingham, UK reacted “£287. Are they having a laugh? Well done for pricing out the majority of fans. It would have been nice to split the set. The already released and then the new content, so people are not forced to pay for what they already own if they are not in a great financial position.”

Katrina Mayhew Taibe, a London PPUK member shared, “Although we knew this release was coming, with so many hints at track listings, etc., I was trying to reserve any judgement. So, when all the formats and track lists were released it really took a while to come to my senses. Which format was I going to get? When would they arrive?? And then up pops 'Witness for the Prosecution (Version 1)' on YouTube to really whet the appetite. This is an old fav of mine which I thought I would only ever hear on a bootleg, of a bootleg, of a bootleg. So now the excitement has really set in and I cannot wait for the Peach vinyl (and vinyl boxset) to arrive! 1979 - I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man? Crikey."

Chopin Gard is affectionately known as PPUK’s “walking Prince Encyclopedia” is looking forward to the new content. “My ears are ready for this orgy of unreleased material whilst my eyes await the complete Paisley Park Show and accompanying book. I’m happy that the content will also be available on streaming services for those that can’t afford the admittedly pricy vinyl package. It’s clear the estate are taking an archival approach to presentation which is wonderful. I know I’m in the minority but the edits to me are a reassurance at least that they are doing the research. The fact that the 1999 deluxe included edits only available on promos and international releases is encouraging, and a good gauge of how much effort is going on behind the scenes."


UK Cheapest Prices

Sign O' The Times Super Deluxe 8CD + DVD Set - £129.99

Sign O' The Times Limited Super Deluxe 180gram 13LP + DVD Set - £249.99

Sign O' The Times Limited Remastered Peach 180gram Vinyl 2LP Set - £29.99

Sign O' The Times Limited Remastered 180gram 4LP Set - £74.99

Sign O' The Times Deluxe Remastered 3CD Album - £18.99

Sign O' The Times Remastered 2CD Album - £11.99

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